Light-, medium- or heavy-duty vehicle-mounted crane? We have them all

Thanks to our different brands, we have light-, medium- and heavy-duty compact loader cranes.

  • Light cranes: 0.5 tonnes/metre to 11 tonnes/metre. A PTO is not required for Maxilift and Ferrari cranes. Also suitable for vans and trailers. Can be supplied in very many models from manually operated to fully electro-hydraulic. These lightweight cranes are easy to use and fast to mount.
  • Medium-duty cranes: between 11 and 24 tonnes/metre
  • Heavy-duty cranes: between 24 and 200 tonnes/metre

We have cranes extendable from 1 to 9 sections that can be expanded with a fly-jib up to 36 metres in our range. 

Including all adjusted attachments

In addition to the vehicle-mounted crane, we can also supply the adjusted attachments including winches, radiographic control, pallet hooks, clamshell buckets, rotators, etc.

How to get the right loader crane on your truck? 

  1. Make an appointment during the buying process of your new truck. Please bring your truck supplier with you so that we can discuss matters with all involved parties immediately.
  2. We will discuss in detail the reason you want to deploy the vehicle-mounted crane. We can then analyse your loading and unloading needs based on your business activities and we can calculate the required tonnes/metre. How far must the crane reach? What do you want to lift? Do you have to load and unload at heights too?
  3. Next, we will provide custom-made advice regarding the right crane. You will receive detailed weight calculations, which your truck supplier will appreciate. 
  4. We will receive the chassis plan after you buy your truck. Based on this, we will plan the right body for your loader crane to the last millimetre. 
  5. Once the truck has been delivered, we start the installation, spray work and, if required, the further building of the trailer body or the container system.
Recent work

Vehicle-mounted cranes: our realisations

Do you want a hydraulic crane on your truck?

Make an appointment for an initial meeting. Please visit us in Kasterlee where you will immediately see all our options. Appointments in the evening or during the weekend are not a problem. We can visit you too.

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