Our container systems: excellent quality for a competitive price

Our Busi Group Italian container systems guarantee the best quality for the most competitive price. Our container systems stand out in three ways: 

  1. The hook system has a limited height that allows a maximum height for the load itself.
  2. Our container systems are very low with regard to their tare. This ensures that extra loading capacity is possible for the container.
  3. The container systems that we install operate with a liftable bed. This ensures that the cylinders are at the best possible angle to pull up the container with a lot more power.

We install hook systems in different body lengths with a capacity ranging from 3 to 35 tonnes.

How to get the right container system on your truck?

  1. Make an appointment when buying your new truck. Your truck supplier is also very welcome. This will ensure that all involved parties are immediately discussing issues. 
  2. We will discuss in detail the reason you want to use the container system. What is the weight of the containers? How long are the containers? Which truck type will you be buying? Do you want to transport containers with different lengths? Is your truck equipped with air or leaf springs? The answers to all these questions determine the best container system solution.
  3. Next, we will provide specific advice for the right container system. We will extensively explain our technical proposal including the quotation during a personal discussion.
  4. We will receive the chassis plan after you have bought your truck. Based on this, we will prepare the installation of your container system.
  5. After your new truck has been delivered, the installation of the container system and the spray work will start in our own spray paint booth.
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Container systems: our realisations

Are you interested in a container system on your truck?

Make an appointment for an initial meeting. Please visit us in Kasterlee where you will immediately see all our options. Appointments in the evening or during the weekend are not a problem. We can visit you too.

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